Coffee Arrival!


Arrival! After a long wait, the green beans finally arrived in Charlotte. Our good friend and coffee roaster extraordinaire, Tony Santoro of Enderly Coffee, welcomed the sacks of Cyimbili-grown beans to his shop, and began the joyful task of finding the perfect roast. Remember in, “The Legend of Bagger Vance,” when Will Smith counsels Matt Damon to, “Find your swing?” Well, Tony’s long hours of hard work “found the flavor” of these Lake Kivu-grown Bourbon delights. We think you’ll love the smooth taste, and the pleasing finish—a distinctly Rwandan cup of coffee. And a special thanks to Marquell for his hard work in loading the nearly half-ton of beans into Tony’s shop; and for his attention-to-detail in bagging, and labeling the 12-ounce bags ready for sale for the first time today—September 13. We can’t wait for you to enjoy Rejuvenate Coffee for yourself!