Time for Rejuvenation

Cyimbili-Lake Kivu

Rejuvenate Coffee is born! We love coffee. And we think it’s great that so many people care about “socially-conscious” coffee. It’s a fine thing to feel good about the coffee in your cup—it tastes good, and the farmers are making a living. Hooray for progress! But we know it’s easy to stop at “Free Trade,” “Fair Trade,” or “Direct Trade” and then move on. Maybe I’m still bitter that my buddy James never traded me his Mike Schmidt baseball card for my Topps’ George Bell (I thought that was a fair trade), but we think we can do better. 

We’ve enjoyed getting to know the story of rejuvenation of our global neighbors, half a world away, in West Rwanda. The Cyimbili plantation sits on the shores of Lake Kivu. And yes, the word “picturesque” seems like a fitting adjective. Post Rwandan genocide, our neighbors at Cyimbili, along with dedicated neighbors here in the States, have been hard at work at the coffee rehabilitation project—bringing new life from trees that had to be cut to stumps. But years later, the cherries are popping, the washing station is up-and-running, and the exporting has begun. And regions like Charlotte and the southeast get to be the first to enjoy some of Rwanda’s best coffee (look out Rwanda—we think “Cup of Excellence” awards are coming to Cyimbili!)

So as we journey, we’ll look forward to telling you the stories of people in Cyimbili who are experiencing rejuvenation; just like we’ll look forward to telling you the stories of people in West Charlotte who are experiencing rejuvenation in one of the most economically challenged parts of our Queen City. 

Thanks for joining us. May we pour you another cup?