How do you Rejuvenate?


Let’s democratize coffee drinking, shall we?

Sure, we’re more likely to enjoy Rejuvenate Coffee with our bright red V60, or the classic Chemex, but if you’re faithful to Mr. Coffee, we can still be friends.

You grind your coffee with care by hand. Your neighbor buys ground coffee and puts it on “timed brew” before they head to bed at night. Some of us still wake up the house with the trusty Krups handheld electric grinder. And on it goes. Oh, the options!

At Rejuvenate Coffee, we’d love to know how you rejuvenate. We all need our morning pick-me-up, so Tweet us or send us an Instagram picture of how you do it. And if you’re an afternoon coffee-delight kind of person too, tell us how you get past the 2 o’clock blues.

Any way you do it, there’s nothing like beautifully grown West Rwandan bourbon beans, artfully roasted with West Charlotte precision.

We’d say more, but the gooseneck kettle is singing….