How do you Rejuvenate?


Let’s democratize coffee drinking, shall we? Sure, we’re more likely to enjoy Rejuvenate Coffee with our bright red V60, or the classic Chemex, but if you’re faithful to Mr. Coffee, we can still be friends. You grind your coffee with care by hand. Your neighbor buys ground coffee and puts it on “timed brew” before […]

Our Roaster

We love where Rejuvenate Coffee is born just as much as we love where it “grows up.” Our commitment to dignified work on both sides of the exchange—at the the planation and at the roasting house—is why we were so excited when Enderly Coffee said, “Yes!” to our invitation to the be the exclusive roaster […]

Time for Rejuvenation

Cyimbili-Lake Kivu

Rejuvenate Coffee is born! We love coffee. And we think it’s great that so many people care about “socially-conscious” coffee. It’s a fine thing to feel good about the coffee in your cup—it tastes good, and the farmers are making a living. Hooray for progress! But we know it’s easy to stop at “Free Trade,” “Fair Trade,” […]

Coffee Arrival!


Arrival! After a long wait, the green beans finally arrived in Charlotte. Our good friend and coffee roaster extraordinaire, Tony Santoro of Enderly Coffee, welcomed the sacks of Cyimbili-grown beans to his shop, and began the joyful task of finding the perfect roast. Remember in, “The Legend of Bagger Vance,” when Will Smith counsels Matt Damon […]