8 Ways to Give Rejuvenate Coffee as a Christmas Present

Rejuvenate Coffee Christmas 1a

Christmas is right around the corner. It seems that Santa’s list to prepare for the big day grows, not shrinks, with each item we check off.

Rejuvenate Coffee wants to help with your Christmas list this year. Here are 8 ways to give Rejuvenate Coffee for Christmas!

Rejuvenate Coffee Christmas 1a

1. Stocking Stuffer – Imagine opening your Christmas stocking and smelling the sweet aroma of gourmet coffee. Talk about a great way to start your Christmas morning! Just be careful not to roast the coffee while the stocking is hanging over the fireplace…

2. Teachers – Our country’s educators are some of the most overlooked when it comes to showing appreciation. A bag of batch-roasted coffee is a great way to say thank you.

3. Clients – I know I usually scramble at the last minute for an idea that isn’t too clichéd. I’m sure you do, too. Rejuvenate Coffee is a creative way to show clients that you care about both them and the community.

4. Hairdresser – You know they’re working overtime during the Holidays to make their clients look gorgeous. Help keep them going with the gift of caffeine.

5. Co-workers / Office Gift Exchange – I dread trying to find a gift under $20 for the office gift exchange that’s unique enough to say I didn’t just drop into Target on the way to the party. Make Rejuvenate Coffee that gift.

6. White Elephant – Ditto for the white elephant gift exchange. The gift of Rejuvenate Coffee not only makes a cool gift, but it also helps to spark conversation about giving back.

7. Party Hosts – I know the go to is normally wine (or craft beer). But as the party hosts cleans up your mess, they’ll be thankful for the pick-me-up.

8. Santa – Spoil yourself with a cup of craft coffee as you wrap presents for under the Christmas tree. P.S. – Chocolate Chip Cookies taste great when dipped in Rejuvenate Coffee!

To place your holiday order of Rejuvenate Coffee:

1) Email info@rejuvenatecoffee.com

2) Place an online order through our web site

3) Or, stop by the kiosk on Sunday morning!

Merry Christmas from the Rejuvenate Coffee Team!

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  • Marc

    Great idea. I love this as a gift for teachers too!