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West Meets West

Our story began when three of us visited a picturesque coffee plantation in Western Rwanda-a plantation that was in the midst of recovery from the nation's genocide.

A few months later we met a friend in the States who grew up on that very same plantation, before the genocide. He dreamed about bringing new life to the emerging generations of Rwanda through exceptional coffee.

In West Charlotte, we love the coffee roasted by a friend who works to bring new job opportunities to the emerging generations from some of the toughest streets in town. So we asked:

“What if we could build a bridge between a West Rwandan plantation, and a West Charlotte neighborhood?”

And Rejuvenate Coffee came to life. Sip on…

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Our Coffee

We love the phrase, "Trade, Not Aid."

Why give a handout when you can participate in meaningful commerce instead?

What's the best way to employ more people at the sourcing plantation in West Rwanda?

Why, buy more amazing Rejuvenate Coffee, of course!

How do we provide job opportunities in the coffee trade for the emerging generations of West Charlotte?

You got it. Purchase lots of these full-of-flavor, single origin, Lake Kivu-grown, West Charlotte-roasted, Rejuvenate Coffee beans!

Before you go doctoring up your home brew with lots of (unnecessary) extras

might we suggest a simple way to enjoy the full flavor these remarkable beans?

Rejuvenate Coffee is best brewed through Chemex, V60, or your faithful workhorse Drip machine.

Use 2 tablespoons freshly ground coffee to 6 ounces of cold, filtered water.

For our Metric friends, that's: 7 grams of freshly ground beans coffee to 100 millilitres of cold, filtered water.



There's a lot going on!

We look forward to keeping you posted with new stories, product offerings, and updates.

We're in this to bring more dignified jobs to West Rwanda and West Charlotte.

Your purchase is making that dream a reality!